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Gamification in Training & Education

Want to know how gamification in training can improve learning outcomes? Learn more on the Safety Mentor blog!

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A group of students sitting around a table with a woman standing up giving instruction

Learning Evaluation & Assessment of Learning: What’s the Difference?

Want to know the difference between learning evaluation & assessment of learning? Learn more on the Safety Mentor blog!

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The Difference Between Needs Assessment and Training Needs Analysis

Learn about the difference between needs assessment & training needs analysis in the blog from the training experts at Safety Mentor.

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What is Scenario-Based Learning? [And What are the Benefits?]

Learn about scenario-based learning and its benefits from the learning experts at Safety Mentor!

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An instructor in safety gear is showing a student, also in safety gear, information on a clipboard

What is Learning Transfer? [And How to Improve It]

Read all about learning transfer and how to improve it from the experts at Safety Mentor.

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How to Make Training Stick for Learners

Safety Mentor is here to help you understand how to make training stick with these educational tactics.

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How to Design Instruction for Microlearning

Safety Mentor is here to help you understand how to design instruction for microlearning.

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A group of adults are sitting at a long computer desk. The focal point of the photo is a woman sitting in front of her laptop.

What is Adult Learning Theory?

Did you know adults learn differently than children? Learn about Adult Learning Theory with Safety Mentor!

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Two people sitting next to each other studying at a laptop. There is an open book, papers, and pencils laying on the table.

What is Blended Learning and Why Does it Matter?

Learn about the importance of blended learning and how Safety Mentor uses it to enhance online training programs.

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Learning Ecosystems and Professional Development

Safety Mentor helps create learning ecosystems through LXP technology that helps with professional development.

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A person sitting at a desk with two laptops and a computer monitor on it.

What is an LXP?

Wondering what an LXP is? Safety Mentor is here to help you learn all about learning experience platforms.

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The Benefits of Online Training Platforms

Learn about the several benefits of online training platforms with the learning management systems experts at Safety Mentor!

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A man wearing a business suit and a hard hat is sitting at a table with a laptop in front of him.

Safety Mentor Offers Custom eLearning for OSH Professionals

Safety Mentor is your go-to place to find modern and custom eLearning solutions for occupational safety and health professionals!

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