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The only Learning Management System (LMS) operated and developed by certified safety professionals.

Safety Mentor provides expert LMS solutions by housing instructional content, identifying and assessing individual and organizational learning or training goals, tracking progress towards meeting those goals, and collecting & presenting data for supervising the learning process of an organization. Our team of specialists will also help you transform your outdated content into new, fresh, and interesting courses for today’s audience.

Launch Your Training Transformation

Our LMS solutions services are designed by OSH certified experts and adult learning professionals. Let our subject matter experts and instructional designers help you navigate all of your training needs.

Have Confidence in Your Virtual OSH Training

At Safety Mentor, we are on a mission to enhance your safety practice by offering LMS solutions with our high-quality, easy-to-implement training platform.

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    Provide your organization with sound safety training that lets you and them sleep easy at night.

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