The Benefits of Online Training Platforms

Close up of a person’s hands holding a laptop. The laptop’s screen features an icon of a book with the word “e-learning” written below.
  • January 27, 2021

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world - and as technology advances, so does the way in which we learn information. Virtual training and eLearning are on the rise as more and more companies and organizations turn to digital technologies as educational tools in their industries. While some people remain wary of using online training platforms in place of more traditional educational tools, there are several key benefits of eLearning to keep in mind.

 In fact, when online training platforms are used correctly, there are five major takeaways that learners will benefit from. These include:


 One of the main objectives of any educational tool is for learners to gain information by learning. When training is done correctly through a learning management system (LMS), learners will gain knowledge and skills that will allow them to make change. Of course, what they’ll be learning will vary depending on the course as well as the industry.


 While this may seem redundant of the point above, knowledge differs from learning. Someone can learn something but not necessarily retain it. Effective eLearning allows people to both learn and gain cognitive competence and information assimilation - in other words, they’ll learn something and retain the knowledge.

Skill Development

 Another outcome of effective training through online platforms is when the learner develops skills as a result of eLearning. Each person who takes a course you offer through an LMS should gain psychomotor competence and the ability to perform better than before or in a fresh, new way. Your teaching should allow someone to complete your course with a new understanding of how to perform certain tasks to the best of their ability.


 Sure, it’s common for people to say that they weren’t necessarily fond of going to school or learning in general. And that’s okay! Your job as an educator is to change their attitude towards learning. Successful courses and online training platforms such as the LMS from Safety Mentor are designed with the learner in mind. One of the key takeaways from training should be an increase in the learner’s willingness to change based on the new knowledge they learned from your teachings.


 We’ve covered learning, knowledge, skill development, and attitude - but an eLearning course isn’t fully successful if learners don’t incorporate all of these takeaways into their job performance. Those who take your online training courses should gain the ability to implement the knowledge and skills that have been learned into their normal work routine. The learner should be able to walk away from your course with the tools and the know-how to use those tools when they’re back in their work environment.

 Have we made a positive case for online training platforms? We’d like to think so! Safety Mentor is here for all of your eLearning curriculum and LMS needs. If you have questions or need help, please contact us here!

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