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Customized Online Safety Training for OSH

At Safety Mentor, we’re dedicated to providing the best customized online safety training for occupational safety and health professionals across the globe. We understand how important it is to find a reliable LXP that meets your needs so that your team members and students are able to easily access your curriculum. Easy virtual access allows your materials to make a positive difference with your audience and produce fantastic learning outcomes. We’ll also help create programs for those who currently don’t have their own safety training content.

Our team understands that not all clients have the bandwidth and expertise to take on the process of moving their training online while adhering to industry standards. Or, clients may not have someone to delegate the work to on their team or a curriculum designer with an educational background geared towards instruction and engagement. That’s why Safety Mentor happily offers our expertly customized online safety training platform and programs to make your job easier and help keep people safe.