What is an LXP?

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  • February 27, 2021

In 2021, the digital world we live in is continually expanding - especially in the realm of digital learning. There is no indication of digital technologies or online learning becoming obsolete any time soon. Because of this, it’s imperative to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in the digital learning industry, such as the LXP.

 While the LXP is a newer concept than the LMS (learning management system), it’s starting to emerge and shape the future of eLearning. But what exactly is it?

 A learning experience platform, or LXP, is designed with the collective user-base in mind. Unlike a traditional LMS platform, a learning experience platform consists of curated content that is grouped into related categories or courses and personalized for user needs.

 Most eLearning platforms are controlled by an administrator; meaning that the administrator is responsible for creating, uploading, and monitoring content such as user-generated posts. However, an LXP is focused on the learner rather than the administrator; allowing anyone from an organization to upload content that they feel is relevant and helpful to others.

The Benefits of an LXP (Learning Experience Platform)

 The idea behind the learning experience platform is to create a learning ecosystem. Building a learning ecosystem places focus on people, content, technology, data, and governance (Association for Talent Development). Because of this approach, LXP learners glean more benefits than from an LMS platform.

 For instance, including curated materials means there will be more high-quality content that your learners personally find useful. It’s one thing to provide them with course content, but the option for users to share information fosters a team learning environment in which learners may help one another understand concept and course materials.

 In addition, allowing learners to curate content will aid in individuals feeling as if they’re part of the learning process, rather than a person who is simply reading information and taking tests. This sense of inclusion leads to learner empowerment and also helps build each individual’s accountability in their own learning journey. Along with accountability and a team environment, the LXP technology also has benefits such as creating learning and career pathways, networking, and skill development (Association for Talent Development).

 One of the most valuable features of a learning experience platform is the ability to track data from learners. Collecting data about how, when, and where your learners like to access their course materials may help in determining which types of learning assets you may want to include or exclude in future eLearning efforts.

 It’s evident that using a learning experience platform is advantageous for any organization’s eLearning efforts. If you have questions about how to use an LXP from Safety Mentor for your organization, please contact us and we’ll help you find the best solution.

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