OHS Professional Ethics

Defining OHS Professional Ethics

Ethics are the essence of the soul of sustainable occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) and should be considered in decision making for occupational health and safety.

Ethics can be identified as the standards of conduct and moral values governing actions and decisions in the work environment. As a faithful agent to the employer, EHS professional practice should be true to the employee and strive to promote a safe working environment. While we understand the importance of consequences or actions linked to rules and regulations, we must consider the more holistic approach of virtue ethics which involves one to self-reflect.

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As occupations become more specialized, the ethical issues become more specialized resulting in professional societies increased effort to establish ethical codes to guide professionals in the OHS profession. Codes of ethics are developed utilizing an exclusive body of knowledge, related core competencies, specialized advanced education, and autonomy over terms and conditions of the OHS practice.

Understanding how professional codes of ethics can be used in identifying, analyzing, navigating and resolving ethical dilemmas encountered by Environmental and OHS Professionals will better help us understand this professional industry and move mere business aspects of safety and focus on how safety management demonstrates good governance and social responsibility.

OHS Professional Ethics Resources

OHS Professional Ethics Resources

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OHS Professional Ethics Research Project

OHS Decision Making and Navigating Ethical Dilemmas. Ethics Survey Link